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Baby Bjorn Travel Cot + Fitted Sheet Bundle "Grey Mesh"


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Sleeping away from home with small children has never been easier! The Travel Cot Light is a portable folding bed that is easy to carry, set up and fold up. The soft mattress makes the travel crib a comfortable and snug place for your child to sleep on a trip. Suitable for children aged 0–3 years

Easy to set up and fold up

Open the bag, lift out the travel crib and set it up in one simple movement. There are no loose parts to attach. The legs unfold automatically and once you have put the mattress in you have a stable travel crib to use at home or on trips. When you’re not using it, simply fold it up and store it in the practical bag.

Soft and comfy mattress

The Travel Crib Light comes with a soft and comfortable mattress, making it a cozy place for your baby to sleep. The mattress has a built-in base plate that keeps the lightweight travel crib standing firmly on the floor, so your child can always sleep securely.

A natural part of everyday life

The lightweight and cleverly designed travel crib is perfect for both small and great adventures. It’s as ideal for paying a short visit to a friend’s home as it is for longer journeys. You can also use the travel crib as a comfy extra crib at home.

  • Easy to put on
  • Soft and comfy against child’s skin
  • Organic cotton


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Baby Bjorn Travel Cot + Fitted Sheet Bundle "Grey Mesh"

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