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Lodger Mini-Bunker Polyester Print in Plush

Lodger Mini-Bunker Polyester Print in Plush
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Lodger Mini-Bunker Polyester Print (Birth - 12 months)


Unique Windstopper footmuff, can also be used in the car


This small version of the footmuff can be used from birth until the age of 12 months.

The Mini Bunker has holes in the back which makes it easy to attach to a 2- or 5- point harness.


The perfect combination


This footmuff is highly convenient - It can also be used with a carrycot or a stroller. You can easily detach the upper part of the footmuff with a zipper on the side.

The Mini-Bunker has a super soft fleece lining. When you detach the upper part of the foot muff, it makes a comfortable seat liner for your child.

This way you can keep your footmuff in your Maxi Cosi all year long.

You can wear the hood in different ways


  • Uniquely designed adjustable hood for retaining the body heat.
  • Can be used from 0 to about 12 months.
  • Easy to use, with a zipper around
  • Windproof exterior
  • Inner side can be used as a seat liner


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